Black Memory. African Futures. We came to build.


About Us

The archive cannot be decolonised - it is too tangled up with imperialism. But the archive must be decolonised. We must control our own image - past, present and future.

In trying to achieve the impossible, we will create something beautiful.  We will change our narrative. History will heal.

We work creatively across formats and across the senses. When we face the past we understand the present. When we understand the present we shape our future. 

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We sample the archive. We sample what we deem appropriate and co-create spaces which influence future ways of being.   


Our aim is to sustain and share our collective memory. To do this we consider:

What is the heritage?  Why is it important? What is the context? How can the memory be sustained?




Culture is philosophy as lived and celebrated in a society.
— Okot P Bitek
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