(Re)Actions in Dub: Versions, Excursions and Counter-actions

Dub is a reconstructive approach to sound. Rhythm is central. 'Dub Poetry', preserves this rhythm, but does so by vocal means. The dub poet speaks and his/her lineage is exposed, revealing multiple layers of meaning. Historically, the Dub Poet has assumed a radical pose;  offering commentary on the ills of the postcolonial situation. As Oku Onuora demonstrates above, this commentary often made explicit connections between the Caribbean, the UK, Africa and America.  Over thirty years after the inception of the form, it is striking how many of the issues addressed by these artists remain with us today; affecting us all to varying degrees.

In this series of workshops we make an invitation for the collective exploration of ideas of lineage, memory, archive and action using Dub and Dub poetry as our catalyst. What are our collective interpretations of what these forms communicate? What potentials might they hold for contemporary actions?