A mixtape created for the 'Peckham Glow-UP' intervention we worked on in collaboration with Adama Jalloh (whose image that is above), Pattigift Therapy, Fee Uhussi, UmmiLeather, The Black House, Sis Lejet (the original bookseller!), Organic Food retailers One Organic and Pempeople.

One of the core themes of the intervention was gentrification and this selection responds to that; sonically referencing the African-heritage generations and the gentrifications they face. Apparently, the middle classes feel that the neighbourhood "is sufficiently down at heel" (yes, somebody really said that) to enable a social cleansing. The week long experiment included a photographic exhibition (Adama Jalloh), a therapeutic 'Emotional Emancipation Circle' lead by African-centred psychologist Rameri Moukam, an ethical fashion workshop breaking down the history of Malian textiles by Felli Ubrette, an exploration of Black in the Future hosted by The Black House, pop-up retail from Ummi Creations, Fee Uhussi, Sis Lejet, One Organic and Pebbles Wearable and a Friday session unpicking cultural appropriation (Bleaching Black Culture), mass incarceration (13th) and the erasure of cultural heritage (Crop's Over but who will Harvest).