A mixtape created specifically for the 'Botanophilia' intervention which took place at the Chalton Gallery, London in March 2017.

"Earth Sound/The Healer is Here' is about personal and collective archive. Sonically, it draws connections between Central Africa and the Caribbean - between so-called traditional music and the art of dub organising. It suggests that the 'congo wo(men)' of the Caribbean have a natural connection to the 'congo wo(men)' of Africa through their genealogy/genetics and that connection surfaces in how we live. - a living archive. in his book 'Bass Culture', Lloyd Bradley aligns the rebalancing of the different elements of a dub mix with myal, African-rooted natural healing which rebalances wo(mans) seven centres*. Thats the idea we're channeling here. 

'Natural living' characterised many of the artists whose music is featured. Through referencing the herbal healing text of Dominica's Disciple Caesar and including 7.83Hz (the earth tone) and other natural soundscapes, the mix points to the ancient knowledge many in the diaspora are reconnecting with as we dig deeper into our African archive...

*Although we would argue that there are fourteen centres, rather than seven, and that you’d need a lot more than dub music to balance them!